For this week’s #TigerTuesday, we’re focusing on the health of our furry friends.april 2016 6 006

The tigers are now 16 weeks old and weighing in around 35 pounds each. How’d they get so big so fast? Well according to Dr. Amanda Guthrie the cubs are eating 3 pounds of meat per day! These growing boys definitely need their nutrition to stay active and healthy.

Last week the cubs received their final vaccines as kittens until they turn a year old. X-rays were taken to get an overall perspective of their health and these tigers are as perfect as they seem. From their teeth and gums, eyes, ears and
paws, these little tigers are in top shape! During their wellness visit, the veterinary staff also took the opportunity to get some colorful paw prints of the cubs that may be available for purchase soon.

Bursting with energy, the cubs are getting curious and are starting to explore their outdoor holding facility at the Animal Wellness Campus while getting accustomed to the sights and sounds of their surroundings. Our Veterinary and Animal Care Staff are desensitizing them to all kinds of sights, sounds and textures by giving them enrichment items and starting basic training. Enrichment helps to keep them confident and empowered and gives the cubs choices, encourages natural behavior and gets them ready to go onto exhibit.

Check back next week for more updates with #TigerTuesday!
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