The Zoo Spells Conservation with 3 C’s

The animals you will encounter during a visit to the Virginia Zoo are remarkable in every way: they are beautiful, they represent species from incredibly biodiverse regions of the world, and they thrive in the face of innumerable challenges to their survival in nature. And yet, the animals are only one part of the story we have to tell at the Virginia Zoo. We strive on a daily basis to not only provide our animals with exemplary care and our guests with amazing experiences, but to ensure that our everyday operations contribute to the greater work of wildlife conservation locally and around the world. With your support, the Virginia Zoo contributes to these conservation efforts through fostering connection, providing care, and building community for a more sustainable future. This summer we are excited to provide our members the opportunity to dive deeper into how we uphold these 3 C’s of Conservation at the Virginia Zoo during our Member Night event series. Read below to learn more and find event dates!


With our dedication to wildlife and Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accreditation, we are committed to excellence in animal care and welfare. This commitment shows in both our daily activities and our long-term planning. Attentive veterinary care actively supports our animals’ health, as our team provides daily and preventative care in addition to emergent care and procedures. Our skilled staff takes pride in providing quality nutrition to our animals through sourcing food and crafting daily diets for every individual in our care. Daily enrichment is curated for healthy bodies and minds, and regular training opens pathways for communication between our animals and staff. Finally, the landscape of the Zoo contains habitats that are carefully designed to keep our animals safe and thriving.  

Virginia Zoo members will have the opportunity to learn more about the outstanding care we provide here at the Zoo during our Member Night event on June 27 from 5-8pm.


At the Virginia Zoo, we believe our animals connect us to a shared Earth that needs protecting. We are excited to share information with our guests about the biodiversity that exists in the natural world and why it matters. Our goal is to share stories about the relationships between humans and wildlife, how we are connected through shared resources and living space, and how unique animal adaptations play a crucial role in the health of habitats that are vital to our collective survival. Due to the unique position zoos have in the ability to observe and share these animals everyday, we contribute to a body of research that is unavailable anywhere else. 

Virginia Zoo members will have the opportunity to connect with our animals as we focus on animal birthdays, fun facts, lifespans and more at Tango’s Birthday Party during our Member Night event on July 18 from 5-8pm.


Together, we have the power to save wildlife and their habitats, and we are excited to collaborate with our community to build a stronger, more resilient future. Healthy habitats in our own backyards can be saved, restored, and built. Careful consumerism and responsible pet ownership can save more money and impact more than the animals in our own homes. Paying close attention to and managing the resources we use and dispose of in our daily lives — from water, to energy, to plastics — builds an impact when done collectively. At the Virginia Zoo, we are committed to showing you how your voice and actions can help shape the future of many species around the world. 

Virginia Zoo members will be able to learn about how to engage in conservation in our community during our Member Night event on August 22 from 5-8pm

Looking for a fun and simple way to make an impact in your daily life? We have teamed up with the Virginia Aquarium for an (eco) friendly competition to benefit our shared communities throughout July! Click here to join the Virginia Zoo’s Plastic Free July team for a chance to win a behind-the-scenes tour!

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The Virginia Zoo is committed to our unique role in wildlife conservation, but we cannot do it without you. Simply by visiting the Virginia Zoo, you make a difference for wildlife by supporting us in our daily work. We are a conservation organization to our core, but we succeed only with the support of guests, members, volunteers, donors, and partners who share our passion and vision for a world where everybody values wildlife and the environment. Learn more about how to get involved here.