You’ve asked, we’re answering! Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Zoo’s reopening. Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Shoot us an email at

Can I buy tickets at the Zoo?

Yes! You may purchase tickets onsite at our ticket booths or online by clicking here. During high volume times, like Spring Break or during special events, advanced purchases and member reservations may be required. Spring Break 2024 will require advanced purchases from March 30 - April 7. Tickets will be available in January 2024 for those dates.

Why do I have to buy my tickets in advance during Spring Break? 

During high volume times, like Spring Break or during special events, advanced purchases and member reservations may be required. This helps us prepare with appropriate staffing maintain a manageable parking capacity to ensure the best possible guest experience for you. Spring Break 2024 will require advanced purchases from March 30 - April 7. Tickets will be available in January 2024 for those dates.

How long can I visit the Zoo?

On average, guests spend around two hours inside the park. After you enter the Zoo you may stay as long as you like until we close. The Zoo closes each day at 4:00 pm. (last paid admission at 3 pm, last member admission at 3:30 pm).

Can I buy a ticket over the phone?

Yes to purchase tickets, please call us at (757) 441-2374, ext. 0.

Are discounts or coupons available for admissions? 

Military, First Responders, Teachers, Norfolk Residents & City of Norfolk Employees and their dependents can receive $2 off each General Admission Ticket purchased with a valid ID.

The Norfolk PowerUp! Program discounts tickets to $6 for those on Medicaid, with a valid Medicaid or insurance card. A valid card will be required for each person to purchase these tickets.

I can no longer attend during the day I reserved. Can I get a refund?

To make changes to your reservation, please call us at (757) 441-2374, ext. 0.

How can I upgrade my admission ticket to membership if I decide to join during my visit?

To upgrade your admission ticket to a membership, please stop by the membership office or any ticket booth during your visit or give us a call at (757) 441-2374, ext. 0.

Do members have to get a reservation?  

Member reservations are not required for most days. During high volume times, like Spring Break or during special events, advanced purchases and member reservations may be required. Spring Break 2024 will require advanced purchases from March 30 - April 7. Tickets will be available in January 2024 for those dates.

Will my expired membership card work? 

Yes, the barcode will still work and show your current membership in the system. 

I lost my membership card. What do I do?

If you have a photo ID, the Membership Office can look you up in our database and resend a digital card to your email on file.

Are discounts available for memberships? 

Yes, you must present a valid ID at time of purchase to receive the discount. Currently, membership discounts are only valid in person where ID can be verified.

How much does a membership cost?

Please see the Zoo Membership page for current membership pricing.

Can someone other than a primary or secondary card holder pay for my household membership at the Zoo? (i.e. babysitter or teenager)

Yes, but only if they pay with cash or a check. All credit card payments require a matching ID, so the cardholder will need to be present.

Where is my membership card?

Starting February 6, 2023, your membership card will arrive in your confirmation email at the time of purchase.

Can I share a Virginia Zoo Membership with a friend or family member?

Primary and secondary adult cardholders must live in the same household and may be asked to show proof of residency. Cardholder names cannot be changed during the membership year.

Is my membership from another zoo or aquarium valid here?

We share reciprocal memberships with more than 150 zoos and aquariums nationwide. The ticket booths have a complete list of reciprocal memberships and applicable discounts. Advance reservations are available here.  Please also bring your participating AZA organization member card and matching photo ID with you upon arrival. If proof of active membership is not provided, you will be charged the cost to upgrade to a Full Price General Admission ticket.

I am having trouble logging in or I can't find the member-priced tickets? 

Members will need to be logged in first to view member pricing (including free tickets). All you need is your Member Number and the Primary Member’s Last Name. If you are unsure of what's on file, please call or email us at to verify your information.

Are member swaps still happening? 

We are currently working with our swap partners to assess potential dates. Please check the Zoo’s website as swaps will be posted to the events calendar and Member perks page.

What is closed? 

The Australia Walkabout is closed as it is now a transitional space for the arriving and departing animals.

What is there to do during my visit?

In addition to seeing the Zoo's 700 animals, representing 150 different species, you can find a list of daily activities on the Plan Your Day page.

Can I come in, leave and re-enter?  

If you leave the Zoo, you may re-enter on the same day by showing your admission receipt at the ticket booth.

Can I rent a stroller or wheelchair?

Strollers and wheelchairs can be rented for the day on a first-come, first-serve basis. They can be found outside the Zoo’s Gift Shop at the Stroller Shack.

  • Single Stroller: Member, $6 //  Non-member, $8
  • Double Stroller: Member, $8  //  Non-member, $10
  • Motorized wheelchairs: Member, $32 //  Non-members, $36
  • Regular wheelchairs: $12

All costs are for the entire day.

What forms of payment can you accept?

The Virginia Zoo accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, and cash. Personal checks will only be accepted in the Membership Office.

Can I bring my lunch in with me?

We do not allow outside food and beverages in the Zoo. We do offer a number of dining options including the African Village Cafe, Beastro, Dippin’ Dots and the Snack Shack. Lafayette Park adjacent to the Zoo if you would like to take a picnic there. If you leave the Zoo, you may re-enter on the same day by showing your admission receipt at the ticket booth.

Can I bring my service animal with me?

Yes, service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are allowed inside the Zoo.  Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability.  Emotional Support animals are not considered service animals under the ADA.  Service animals are not permitted inside animal exhibits including the goat yard or during behind-the-scenes tours.

Can I bring my pet in with me?

Many of our animals are rare and endangered species that have to be quarantined from native species and pets for their protection, so we cannot allow pets to accompany guests into the Zoo. We don’t have kennels or other facilities to house your pet during your visit, and leaving animals in an unattended car in the parking lot is not permitted. We recommend leaving your pet at home or with a pet-sitting facility.

Can my child explore the Zoo by her/himself? 

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are there designated smoking areas in the Zoo? 

The Zoo is a smoke-free facility; no smoking is allowed inside the Zoo. This also includes e-cigarettes and vaping.

How does the free ADA-Recognized Disability admission work?

Any individual with a disability receives free admission to the Virginia Zoo. There is no specific process, it is just a verbal exchange between the visitor and the ticket booth attendee. No proof is necessary, just notify the attendant at the ticket booth and the individual plus one companion will get in free.

Can I volunteer with the Virginia Zoo?

The Virginia Zoo accepts volunteers for a variety of opportunities throughout the year. For more information please check out our Volunteer options.

How can I get a donation from the Zoo for a charity event?

All of our charitable donation requests go through the online form at the link here. It is our policy to donate up to one Two-Ticket Fan Pack, that can be used for either adult or child admission, per year per eligible organization. Please fill out the form and someone will be in contact with you.

What do I do if I have lost something at the Zoo?

The Virginia Zoo receives many lost items every week. If you lost an item at the Zoo and are still at the Zoo, please call 757.441.2374 to report the item. Otherwise, email Lost and Found at to report the item. We will contact you if the item is found. After two weeks, unclaimed items are donated. When reporting a lost item, please include: A description of the item, the date you lost it, your name, and your telephone number.

How old is the Virginia Zoo?

The Virginia Zoo (known then as the Lafayette Zoological Park) began acquiring animals in 1900, so the Zoo is more than 120 years old! Read more.

How large is the Zoo? 

The Zoo spans 53 acres adjacent to Lafayette Park and is bordered by the Lafayette River. Checkout the map for details.

How many animals does the Zoo have?

Zoo residents from around the world include more than 700 animals, ranging from mega-vertebrates, like rhinos and giraffes, to primates and alpacas. With the addition of our new World of Reptiles and Friends exhibit in June 2018, we’ve added several exotic species including crocodiles, venomous snakes, rare frogs and monkeys.

How long has the Zoo been accredited by the AZA? 

The Virginia Zoo was first accredited in 1974 and continues to adhere to the high standards set by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). In 2018, the Virginia Zoo’s accreditation was renewed.

Are there other accredited zoos in Virginia?

There are currently no other AZA-accredited zoos in Virginia.

Who operates the Virginia Zoo? 

The City of Norfolk and the Virginia Zoological Society share the responsibility of the Virginia Zoo. The Zoological Society employs education, membership, marketing, fundraising and special event staff. The City serves the operational needs of the Zoo, including animal care, zoo grounds and maintenance, and customer service.  Overall, the Virginia Zoo employs roughly 100 full and part-time staff.

What is your attendance? 

Roughly 500,000 guests visit the Zoo annually.

How many children participate in your education programs?

More than 16,000 children participated in education programs in 2013.

I haven’t visited in a long time, what are some of your newer exhibits?

  • 2008: Bald eagle; Zoo train
  • 2011: Asia – Trail of the Tiger
  • 2014: Animal Wellness Campus
  • 2017: White rhinoceros exhibit
  • 2018: World of Reptiles and Friends
  • 2019: Run Wild! Nature Discovery Zone

How does the Zoo support conservation?

Please review our Conservation page for more information on the Zoo and conservation.