Zack Gets Some New Shoes!

Zack, one of the Zoo’s Hartmann mountain zebras, received a visit last week from Kim Burnop – our favorite farrier. A farrier is a professional craftsman who specializes in the trimming of horses hooves. Zack, as well as the other zebras, require regular maintenance and care. The hooves of the zebras are unique because they have evolved to live in rocky, mountainous areas (unlike the plains zebras which live on the flat plains and/or on the African Savannah) and need to be trimmed often.

Kim did a fantastic job getting Zack’s hooves in top shape! Her field of work requires a lot of expertise and experience and Zack is grateful to have her on his team.


Routine care is also provided to the zebras every year or two that includes a physical exam, blood work, vaccines and dental care. The teeth of zebras grow continually so it’s important to check that they are all even and not pointy! It’s important for the Veterinary and Animal Care staff to fully anesthetize the zebras for exams because they could be dangerous while awake –zebras are NOT domestic horses. While anesthetized, they can provide a thorough evaluation without risking getting hurt.zebra4


Zack is in great health and back out on exhibit in Africa. Make sure to compliment his new shoes the next time you see him- he’ll be happy you noticed!