The Kids Are Back in Town

Got goats? We sure do! Yesterday Zoo staff traveled to Country Charm Farm in western Virginia to pick up 18 Nigerian dwarf goats (mostly babies!) and 2 mini LaMancha goats.

Nigerian dwarf goats originated as a breed in West Africa, but can be found all over the world now. They have calm temperaments, engaging personalities, and tend to be friendly, playful, and easily trained. This makes them the perfect choice for the Zoo Farm! The tallest they get is about 23″ and their ideal weight is around 75 lbs – about the same size as a Labrador retriever.

New to the Zoo this year are the two mini LaMancha goats, Sunny and Lilly. The farm has started breeding full sized LaManchas with the Nigerian dwarf goats, producing a goat that gives quality milk and is easy to handle, feed, and house. The defining characteristic of these goats are their “elf” ears. LaManchas originated in America, but their bloodlines can be traced back to some Spanish breeds.

Once the goats settle into their new home and get to know their keepers, the yard will open up the public. They’ll live at the Zoo through the summer season and will go back to Country Charm Farm for the winter. Construction in the Zoo Farm is moving along at a quick pace and you can expect to see other animals like cows and pigs there soon. Stay tuned for more updates!