The New Virginia Zoo Mobile App is Out Now!

On Wednesday, January 11, 2016 the Virginia Zoo released its new mobile app for both iOS and Android users to download and enjoy at no cost!

As you open the app, be sure to watch a short video that captures the unique essence of the Virginia Zoo grounds and our adorable animal residents. Then peruse around the several tabs in the app, which are filled with useful information for your day at the Zoo!

The app’s customer-friendly features will make any guest’s trip to the Zoo fun and easy. First and foremost, the app will be a mobile hub of information, where you can stay up to date with Zoo news, blogs, social media and upcoming events. Guests can easily click on the ZooNews tab, which gives access to the Zoo’s many social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so much more. Want to receive bi-weekly emails about Zoo happenings? You can easily sign up for ZooNews through the app! The app also syncs the Zoo’s calendar straight to your phone’s calendar so you never miss an event at the Zoo!

By electing to receive push notifications, users can also learn about new animal births or exciting daily programming offered on Zoo grounds.

If you’re planning a trip to the Zoo, the app can help you. All of the Zoo’s amenities are listed within the app, including our hours of operation, gift shop locations and food options. If you need directions to the Zoo, simply click on the navigation icon and your phone’s map navigation will get you here via the best route! A link to our frequently asked questions page is listed, and if you can’t find an answer to your question, you can even contact us easily via the app.

Want to skip the line and purchase daily admission tickets and event tickets? With the app, you can pay ahead of time and avoid waiting at the gate.

Are you interested in learning more about the perks of being a Zoo member? The app lays all of the details out for you. Once you decide to buy a membership, the app links you to our membership form so you can join immediately and start enjoying all of the benefits of being a Zoo member!

The app’s main feature is an interactive map that will assist you as you navigate through the various exhibits the park has to offer. The map has three different icon options: animals, gardens and amenities. Simply choose what you’re looking for on the map and the app will show you where everything is. Simply click on the icon of your choice, and you will see pictures of that animal, garden or amenity followed by key information. By using the app on your mobile devices, you also play a role in the Zoo’s mission for conservation by eliminating paper waste.

For a full list of our Zoo residents, check out the Exhibits tab. This part of the app conveniently lists each of our current (and upcoming) exhibits, and also includes our gardens, Animal Wellness Campus and Norfolk Southern Express Train! Look around each exhibit for more cute photos and tons of information on your favorite animals and plants. Want to take your favorite animal home with you? Each animal has a Zoodoption link at the bottom of its page!

The Zoo collaborated with VistaGraphics, Inc., a local mobile web design company from Virginia Beach, to develop and design the new app. Additions to the app, including animal videos and audio tours through the gardens are already in the works.

For the remainder of the month of January 2017, guests who show the downloaded app on their phone will receive $1 off admission (*Valid for up to four admissions per family.)

To download the app, click here!