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Zoo Camps 2014Girl with chicken at Zoo camp.

Spring Break Camp | Summer Safari Camp

Spring Break Camp 2014

Come explore the wild and the wonderful at the Virginia Zoo's Spring Break Camp! For kids who love to learn about animals, these camps include up-close animal encounters, crafts, games and visits to the Zoo's exhibits. Join us for a day or spend the whole week -- every day is a new adventure! 

April 14-18, 2014

Ages: 6-8 and 9-12

Times: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day


Per day – Members: $70 per camper; Non-members: $80 per camper

For all 5 days – Members: $250; Non-members: $300

For information: call (757) 441-2374, ext. 229 or e-mail judy.totten@norfolk.gov

To register: download, complete, and return the registration formPlease note: camps are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Camp Topics:

Work It! – What’s it like to work at a zoo? A ton of fun!  Learn what zookeepers, veterinarians, gardeners, educators, chefs, train conductors and others do every day to make the Virginia Zoo a great place for animals and you.
Monday, April 14 for ages 6-8; Tuesday, April 15 for ages 9-12

Animal Olympics – Which animals hop the farthest, run the fastest or climb the highest, and how do you compare?  We’ll learn all about nature’s champions as we go for the gold during this action-packed day!
Tuesday, April 15 for ages 6-8; Wednesday, April 16 for ages 9-12

Ewwww, Zoo! – Bugs, snakes, slime and scat.  If it’s gross, we’ve got it!  Discover the naturally disgusting and completely fascinating side of the Zoo.
Wednesday, April 16 for ages 6-8; Thursday, April 17 for ages 9-12

Feet are Neat – From sharp claws and sticky toes, to webbed feet and heavy hooves, the perfect paw helps an animal to survive.  We’ll discover how animals use their feet for climbing, swimming, digging, hunting – and even doing their hair!
Thursday, April 17 for ages 6-8; Friday, April 18 for ages 9-12

Creature Quest – Your challenge is to rescue an animal that’s hidden somewhere in the Zoo.  Along the way, you’ll learn about other amazing animals and the actions kids can take to protect them here in Norfolk and around the world.
Friday, April 18 for ages 6-8; Monday, April 14 for ages 9-12

Summer Safari Camp 2014

Spend your summer at the wildest place in town! The Virginia Zoo’s Summer Safari Camps include up-close animal encounters, crafts, games and visits to the Zoo’s exhibits. Each week is an exciting new adventure as we explore the wonderful world of animals.

Times: Full Day Camps, M-F, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Fees: $250 Zoo members, $300 non-members
Early Bird Discount – Register by March 31st, and pay only $220 for Zoo members and $270 for non-members!

For information: call (757) 441-2374, ext. 229 or e-mail judy.totten@norfolk.gov

To register: Click here! Please note: camps are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to changes in Virginia’s daycare licensure exemption guidelines, we will now only be able to accommodate drop-off campers age 6 and older. In addition, no camper may enroll in more than 5 weeks of camp, to include Spring Break. We invite our 4- and 5-year-old animal fans to join us for a new “family style” camp: Mommy (or Daddy!) and Me, which is to be announced soon.

Camp Topics:

Ages 6-7

Critter Cuisine
June 23-27, July 21-25, and August 11-15
Chew on this: animals have some amazing ways to feed themselves in the wild. Learn all about what and how animals eat, including nature’s “fast food” and why some animals play with their food. You’ll learn what it takes to feed all the animals at the zoo every day and even help a zookeeper deliver a meal.

Where the Wild Things Live
July 14-18, August 4-8, and August 18-22
Would you like to visit a crab’s sandy beach home? How about the snowy mountaintops where red pandas live? We’ll take an imaginary journey across the earth to find out where animals live and how they survive. And, we’ll be home in time for dinner!

Ages 8-9

Wild About Art
July 7-11
Are you inspired by nature? Let your imagination run wild during this creative week. Learn to look at animals in a whole new way as you study color, composition, and patterns in nature. Your works of art will be displayed in our Art Gallery show on Friday afternoon.
Note: this camp requires an additional supply fee of $15.

Naturally Weird
July 21-25 and August 4-8
Wondering what wackiness awaits you at the zoo? Wade through what is weird about wildlife, and find out why weird really equals wonderful!

The Stories Animals Tell
July 28-August 1 and August 18-22
How did the opossum get its unusual tail? Do elephants really never forget? Find out how animals have played a part in our myths, legends and culture.

Ages 10-12

The Scoop on Zoos
July 7-11, July 28-August 1, and August 11-15
What does it take to run a zoo? Meet the animals and the talented team of people that keep them happy and healthy. Discover the ways that you can care for animals too!

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