May Birthdays at the Zoo!

May brings warm weather, flowers in bloom, and lots of birthdays to celebrate throughout the Virginia Zoo. We have 10 animal birthdays this month representing Taurus and Gemini. Our animals have lively personalities, and many traits associated with these signs: independent, persistent, curious, animated, and intelligent.  

Learn about our Birthday Animals and wish them a good day during your next trip! 

MAY 6 ♈︎ Lily the American Bison 

Happy 25th birthday, Lily! Lily is an American bison, a species native to North America, primarily in grasslands and savannas. Although bison are often called buffalo, true buffalo species are found in Africa and Asia. Lily was born at the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Pennsylvania and enjoys grazing in her habitat and rolling in dust and mud to cool off on hot days.  

MAY 12 ♈︎ Cahaya the Malayan Tiger 

Cahaya, our Malayan tiger was born in 2020, making her three years old this year! She is distinguishable from her male counterpart by her slimmer face and smaller size. Cahaya is very active and enjoys soaking up the sun and playing with her enrichment items. She is intelligent and a strong swimmer. Although she seems large to us, the Malayan Tiger is one of the smallest-bodied tiger populations in the world.  

MAY 16 ♈︎ Lima the Cheetah

Happy sixth birthday to Lima the cheetah! Lima came to the Virginia Zoo from Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas. Powerful and intelligent, Cheetahs are the only cat species that can change their direction in mid-air. They are known for their remarkable speed and unique spotted fur pattern. During your next visit, stop by our Africa Trail and say hello!


  • Jackson – Aldabra Tortoise 

Our Aldabra Tortoise, Jackson, turns 17 years old this month! He is part of one of the largest land tortoise species and weighs over 100 pounds! 

  • Sally – Sarus Crane 

Our Sarus Crane, Sally, turns 13 this month! She is part of the tallest of the crane species and is a great “dancing bird.” 

  • Patty – Northern Tree Shrew 

Our Northern Tree Shrew, Patty, turns five this month! She eats constantly because her species has a simple digestive tract and rapid passage times requiring frequent refueling. 

  • Vincent – Egyptian Goose 

Happy fourth birthday to Vincent, our Egyptian goose. The average wingspan for an Egyptian goose is 35-40 cm. Vincent can be found in our Africa Trail. 

  • Zelda – Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra 

Zelda the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra turns four this month! She has an individual stripe pattern and will often seek shade during the hottest part of the day. 

  • Pepper – Orangutan 

Our orangutan, Pepper, turns 43 years old this month! She uses her long fingers to hook branches and sort through food. 

  • Gertrude – Stanley Blue Crane 

Happy thirteenth birthday to Gerturde, our Stanley Blue Crane. She is an omnivore and resides in our Africa Trail. 

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