April Birthdays At The Zoo!

Spring has sprung at the Virginia Zoo as we celebrate an exciting number of birthdays! April is National Frog Month and highlights National Wildlife Week (April 3-9) and National Volunteer Week (April 16-22). There is no shortage of things to look forward to in the world of wildlife and conservation, including the celebration of another year at Virginia Zoo. 

Sixteen of our animals were born in April, which offers a fun mix of Aries and Taurus birthdays for horoscope fans. All our animals have lively personalities, some which match the popular traits associated with these signs: bold, high energy, intelligent, and enjoying enrichment in life. If you were looking for a reason to come say hello, take this as your sign to visit the Zoo!

Learn about our April births below and wish them a happy birthday during your next trip!

APRIL 1 ♈︎ Christopher the Malayan Tiger  

Our magnificent Malayan Tiger, Christopher, was born at the San Diego Zoo in 2011, making him 12 years old this month. Male Malayan Tigers can weigh up to 285 pounds, which means he weighs about as much as your kitchen refrigerator at home! Christopher loves to nap in the sun but is also a strong swimmer and enjoys playing with enrichment items like his wobble toy and tire feeder. You’re likely to hear him “chuff” on this happy day, which is considered a friendly, non-threatening alternative to purring. 

APRIL 4 ♈︎ Imara the Masai Giraffe 

Imara is 21 years old this month! She was born at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island and is now the mother of our youngest giraffe, Tisa. Masai Giraffes are herbivores, so her birthday cake would be made of leaves, twigs, flowers, and fruits. Giraffes are also the tallest land mammal on Earth, and their very long necks have the same number of vertebrae as we do (7)! Imara can use her height and 18-inch tongue to reach tall trees, with the Acacia tree being a favorite! 

APRIL 11 ♈︎ Chompers the Cape Porcupine

Happy 6th birthday, Chompers! Cape porcupines have a range of southern Africa and would be found in places such as savannas, scrublands, and rocky areas. Our quilled birthday boy can be found in Zoo Farm munching on his favorite fruits and tubers. Chompers’ quills are modified hairs made of keratin, which also forms human hair. While he can use these as a defense against predators, a widespread miscommunication is that porcupines can shoot their quills. Chompers may stomp his feet and grunt when feeling threatened instead. 

APRIL 27 ♉︎ Zina the Southern White Rhino 

Wish our Southern White Rhino, Zina, a very merry 10th birthday! Zina was born in Singapore in 2013. Southern White Rhinos can weigh up to 5,000 pounds, which is as much as some luxury cars on the market today. However, you won’t find Zina cruising along I-264. Instead, you may find her eating, keeping close to her baby Mosi, or rolling in dust and mud to cool off and protect from sunburns! In Greek, ”rhinoceros” translates to ”nose horn,” which refers to the keratin horns that rest on the top of their noses. Like a human fingernail, Zina’s horns would grow back if they were ever broken off.  


  • Remy and Tiki – Red River Hogs 

Both of our Red River Hogs are turning 6 years old this month! They love finding pieces of their diet that our keepers hide for enrichment throughout their habitat. 

  • Lester – Emu 

Our emu, Lester, is turning 20 years old this month! He is part of the second largest bird species in the world and is very inquisitive.  

  • Simon and Alvin – Southdown Babydoll Sheep 

Our Babydoll Sheep, Simon and Alvin, turn 7 years old this month! They can be found in our Zoo Farm socializing and soaking in the sun, all while wearing the Babydoll Sheep’s characteristic “smile.” 

  • Blip and Jax – Eastern Bongos 

Our Southern Bongos, Blip and Jax, turn 3 years old this month! As herbivores, they love to eat leaves and grasses and will probably be nestled in nature during the day because of their nocturnal behavior. 

  • Shrimp – Laughing Kookaburra 

Our Laughing Kookaburra bird, Shrimp, turns 12 years old this month! Shrimp is a part of our large population of birds at the Virginia Zoo, and has an iconic sound used in movies and legends alike. 

  • Dotty – Aldabra Tortoise 

Our Aldabra Tortoise, Dotty, turns 17 years old this month! She is part of one of the largest land tortoise species and loves to explore during the day. 

  • Rose – Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra 

Our Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, Rose, turns 19 years old this month! She was born in Busch Gardens, Tampa, and loves to rest in the shade during the hottest parts of the day. 

  • Malila – Radiated Tortoise 

Our Radiated Tortoise, Malila, turns 29 years old this month! She was hatched at Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas and loves to burrow and snack on grasses and vegetation. 

  • Estelle Getty – Taveta Golden Weaver 

Our Taveta Golden Weaver, Estelle Getty, turns 14 years old this month! She is technically classified as a songbird, and you may hear her unique calls throughout the aviary. 

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