An Emery Update

All of the test results have returned from Emery’s most recent diagnostic workup and fortunately did not reveal evidence of cancer, viruses or bacterial infections. Since the more serious diseases have been ruled out, the Zoo’s Veterinary staff have concluded that the abnormalities seen in Emery are congenital, which will need to be monitored over time. Emery will continue to be reexamined every few months by the Animal Care Staff and monitored by his Keepers.
Emery loves meatballs, but not the supplements inside them. Yuck!
The good news is he has been eating well and has been a very active, playful cub! Emery is already up to 33 pounds. He received his Rabies vaccine today and is nearing the end of his vaccine series. Keepers continue to work with him, keeping him engaged so that as he matures, we can obtain voluntary blood samples through positive reinforcement training.
What’s most exciting is that the cub is ready to start exploring the outdoors! His Keepers have introduced him to the off-exhibit outdoor holding yard, with close supervision of mom, Zola. When we get a break in the weather, Keepers plan to provide him and Zola with access to the main exhibit, so you may or may not see him during an upcoming visit to the Zoo. It will always be up to Zola and Emery on whether they choose to go out on exhibit, but we’re hoping that with some of our warmer days, they will want to go out and explore. Our brave little cub certainly lacks no courage, so we think he’ll do great.
Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!