Alison the Zoo Crew Volunteer

We’re continuing our Volunteer Appreciation Week celebration with an interview with Alison, a Zoo Crew Volunteer who has been volunteering with the Zoo since January 2020. Let’s hear about her experiences and memories she’s made on grounds so far!

Question: What do you love about volunteering at the Zoo?

Answer: No matter what is happening in the outside world, the Zoo is always a place of peace, appreciation of nature and joy.  Seeing visitors having fun and chatting with them, seeing the children observing the animals, or just quietly watching the animals, gives me a lot of pleasure and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be there.

Q: What is one thing you’ve learned as a volunteer that has stuck with you?

A: It’s interesting to see how some animals are perfectly happy being solitary, and others obviously like to engage with each other.  The gibbons and the otters in particular are amazing to watch interact with one another.

Q: What is a fun anecdote or memory from your time volunteering at the Zoo?

A: One time I was at Timur the red panda’s habitat and it was a really hot day.  I remarked to a visitor,“I’m surprised he doesn’t get out of the tree and go into his air conditioned little house’ and right on cue Timur climbed down and went into his house!

Thanks for your service, Alison! Look out for all of our volunteers on Zoo grounds and thank them for their stewardship and hard work! Just look for the green shirts!