This November, the Virginia Zoo will welcome 29 new animals – the inflatable kind – in this exciting exhibition. During the day, visitors can look up at a trio of towering 30-foot-tall giraffes and stare into the open mouth of a 5-foot-tall crocodile. At night, guests will journey on Zoo grounds by car for the first-ever Zoo drive-thru. Watch the inflatable animal sculptures come to life with light in a spectacular visual experience and hear their compelling conservation audio story in this magical display.


In its debut year, Zoolumination is expected to amaze more than 120,000 daytime and drive-thru visitors. This experience is what the entire region of Hampton Roads will be talking about! Invest in the success of this educational and highly visible experience. Interested in how you or your organization can sponsor this event? Visit this site, and click “Zoolumination”!


Tickets will go on sale on October 8, 2021 to the general public. Or, become a Virginia Zoo member for early bird tickets and special discounts. 

Daytime walk-thru hours will be 10 am to 4 pm. Nighttime drive-thru starts at 5 pm.