The Zoo Comes to a Preschool Near You!

The Virginia Zoo recently created three new interactive preschool Zoo to You Outreaches: “Animals on the Move”, “One, Two, Who’s at the Zoo?” and “Colorful Animal Kingdom.” These programs are designed for preschoolers, ages three to five, to encourage learning about animals through subjects such as art, fitness or even math.

Since preschool field trip regulations have changed, the Zoo’s Education Department wanted to create innovative ways to bring learning to life in the classroom. Zoo To You Outreaches allow teachers to reinforce their student’s learning in a fun, yet non-traditional way. Plus, all programs were designed to support the Virginia Department of Education’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning.

In the “Animals on the Move” program, students meet animals that walk, hop and slither. They then play games using their motor skills to mimic how the animals move. During the “Colorful Animal Kingdom” program, preschoolers explore how colors help animals survive in the wild. This knowledge is put to the test when the kids meet animals who camouflage into their habitat.  In “One, Two, Who’s at the Zoo?” children practice their counting skills with our animal ambassadors by helping to sort animal figurines into herds of different numbers.

The outreach programs are available for school districts throughout Hampton Roads. Teachers are recommended to book a date at least one to two months in advance. To reserve your outreach, call 757-441-2374, ext. 229 or visit for more information.