World of Reptiles Coming Soon!

The Virginia Zoo prides itself in creating a world-class zoo.  With nearly 500,000 visitors each year and voted the number one place for families to visit since 2008, our goal is to continue creating an environment that adds to the quality of life for the residents of Hampton Roads and for our animals. We are honored to provide a one-of-a-kind informal environment for learning.  With a mission-centric focus of education, recreation, conservation and research, this new renovation is sure to add significant value to your Zoo visit and to the body of knowledge of the species within.

Reptile Brochure Center

The present reptile house, built in 1974, is a unique labyrinth of design.  We will maintain this strong feature and make additions that expand the space to improve visitor amenities and double the number of animal exhibits, bringing the space to 13,000. sq. / ft.  Exhibits will be constructed in a way that is immersive and natural so that viewers can expect to see and learn more about the rarely observed behaviors of these uniquely adapted creatures. 

Our goal is to create a journey through the new reptile house that will evoke the same sense of wonder and emotion as the other parts of the Zoo.  As zoo professionals and scientists, we have seen some of the most memorable experiences come from the most unexpected places – like a well thought-out reptile house.

We invite you to support this project that is sure to delight its visitors and occupants, and provide the next frontier of learning and stewardship for this spectacular collection of animals.

If your organization wishes to sponsor this exhibit, please email [email protected].

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Positive Community Impact

Over the last 5 years, approximately 3 million people have visited the Virginia Zoo. This consistent attendance has proven that people love our Zoo and that an investment in quality educational experiences is money well spent. With affordable membership and ticket prices, we meet the needs of the community. We project that the new World of Reptiles will bring in an additional 70,000 guests annually, solidifying our spot as the premiere destination for people of all ages.