Wild Summer Fun!

Summer is in full swing here at the Zoo and it’s not too late to join in the fun!

Come with us on an exciting adventure as we explore the wonderful world of animals. Summer Safari camps offer children grades first through eighth up-close animal encounters, behind-the scenes adventures, crafts, games, zoo hikes and much more fun.

Is there a budding artist in your herd? Don’t miss Artsy Animals, where first and second graders will create wild art using all different methods from sketching, to sculpting, painting, and photography. What better canvas than the Zoo?

Or maybe your third or fourth grader is interested in all things gooey, gross, and grotesque. Campers will discover the yucky side of the animal world in The Science of Yuck, from slimy giraffe tongues to sticky spider webs to even stinky scat. Be prepared to explore the extreme side of science!

For fifth and six graders our camps offer a real-world look into how zoos operate. My Amazing Zoo is an exciting and challenging week where campers will learn all about how the Zoo constructs unique exhibit homes for a variety of animals. They’ll create their very own habitat design models, exhibit signage, and marketing campaigns and at the end of the week campers will present their projects in a final exhibit model symposium.

We didn’t forget about the little ones! The Zoo’s Early Explorer kindergarten program is a half-day introduction to camp that includes fun and amazing animal encounters, crafts, games, learning activities, Zoo hikes, and more, all aimed at inspiring your young ones to love animals and the environment.