Welcome Penelope!

This week one of the Zoo’s newest additions, a one year-old Red River hog named Penelope, made her public debut. Visitors can see her on exhibit with male Oboi in Africa now.

Penelope’s keepers say that she loves apples and honey. She’s very calm and just a bit shy, but that certainly doesn’t detract from her cuteness! Penelope and Oboi are getting along just fine. She seems to be a little more interested in becoming friends than he does, but as you can see from the pictures they are definitely already enjoying each others’ company.

In the wild, Red River hogs can be found in central and western Africa. These animals are very social and live in groups with one boar along with sows and piglets. They are omnivorous and will eat anything from grasses and roots to insects and other invertebrates. Here at the Zoo Oboi and Penelope get a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables along with hay and browse.

Fun fact: Red River hogs are excellent swimmers.

Next time you visit be sure to stop by and welcome Penelope to the Virginia Zoo family!