Virginia Zoo to Host Conservation Traveling Exhibits

In a partnership with the Paly Foundation, the Virginia Zoo will showcase three nature and conservation-themed education centers through February 2019.

The displays consist of vinyl panels that feature infographics and stimulating facts, while corresponding educational guides can allow visitors of all ages to engage through activities, games and exercises. The Paly Foundation provides these free education guides to support institutions that highlight the importance of conserving and protecting diverse natural habitats and wildlife populations, which correlates to both the Paly Foundation’s and Virginia Zoo’s missions.

“We are always pleased to work with other organizations whose mission relates to ours,” said Greg Bockheim, Virginia Zoo Executive Director. “We will never stop encouraging the public to become environmental stewards. Through the use of these displays, not only are we fulfilling our mission but providing guests a new opportunity for education and conservation.”

The three topics selected for the Virginia Zoo include:

The exhibits are available for viewing now and will be on display until February 2019. They are free to view with regular Zoo admission. For more information, please visit