Other Questions

Will you take an animal I found or can’t care for anymore?

Unfortunately, as an AZA accredited facility we cannot take in animals that aren’t from another accredited facility or approved by the association. We recommend reaching out to Humane Wildlife Rescue at 757-333-3391 or Wildlife Rehabilitation Referral Line at 757-263-4762 to see if they are able to take in the animal.

Can I donate food for the animals?

As an AZA accredited facility we are not able to take food donations from individuals or companies that are not on our approved vendors list. The best way to give to our animals will be through monetary donations or purchasing animal enrichment on our wishlist. We also accept newspaper donations for some of our animals that can use it to burrow.

Can I donate old baby bottles for the animals?

Currently, the Zoo is not in need of baby bottles at the moment. We recommend seeing if any women’s shelters in the area could use them if you are still looking to donate to a good cause.

Can I have a photoshoot at the Zoo?

On our website here you will find our photo policy at the bottom of the page. If you do not plan to use these photos for commercial use, you would pay general admission for everyone in your party and you are able to take pictures on any public walkways or in front of exhibits. The form for this is on that page. If you plan to use the photos for commercial use, there is another form on that page and there is a fee for that process. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out at [email protected].