After more than a million rides and the 11 years since it opened, the ZooTrain is in need of some enhancements. Just as is the case with commercial rail lines, the Zoo Train rail bed is regularly maintained and is now due for track bed maintenance. A new service spur will allow individual cars to be removed for service and lessen wear and tear on the engine.

In total, $150,000 will need to be raised to support the train campaign that began in June and will conclude in November.

To help the campaign, Norfolk Southern Foundation (NSF) has issued a matching grant to the Virginia Zoo to raise $40,000 to support maintenance and upgrades to the much beloved Zoo Train, to which they will match with an additional $40,000. The initial gift of $200,000 from NSF more than 10 years ago was instrumental in bringing this attraction to the Virginia Zoo and the Zoo is grateful for the support that NSF has provided over the years.

Get on board and support the train fund today!