The Tiger Cubs Turn 1 Month!

The critically endangered Malayan tiger cubs are one month old! Their eyes have opened and they are starting to crawl around. Like human babies, checkups and vaccinations are required for our tiger babies. Dr. Amanda Guthrie did a complete physical of the cubs today to look for any congenital or development abnormalities. Weight and temperature are taken, plus the heart and lungs are listened to for any irregularities. Both boys checked out great and are up to almost 9 pounds each! They are also starting to get their first teeth – middle incisors on the top.

feb 2016 5 039

The biggest milestone is that the cubs got their first vaccines today. These immunizations protect the boys against a variety of common feline viruses. They will receive three more vaccines (every 4 weeks), until their immune systems are fully mature after 16 weeks old.

“We are so excited about the growth and development of these cubs,” said Dr. Guthrie, “They get bigger every day and are rapidly developing new skills and behaviors, it’s incredible to watch.”

Make sure to check out our live Cub Cam to see what the boys are up to 24 hours a day!


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