Sofie’s A Sight to See!

Since Dara gave birth Friday, June 22, her care team has given Dara the time and space she needs to adequately recover and bond with her baby. Many Zoo fans have anxiously asked the sex and name of the baby and when she and baby will be out on exhibit. We’re excited to introduce to you Sofie, Dara’s baby GIRL! Sofie is an acronym for Saving Orangutans from Extinction that was coined by her Keepers.

Now that Dara has gained the stamina to roam with baby Sofie in tow, they will be given access to the orangutan exhibit most days for at least part of each morning – depending on weather and other needs with the orangutans. Dara and Sofie still need plenty of time to rest and bond so they will be coming and going at their own pace.

If you miss a chance to see the pair, be sure to check our social media for updates, pictures and video.