Reptile Building is Sssssslithering Right Along

Even though the exterior of the soon-to-be World of Reptiles hasn’t appeared to change much, the construction of the building is on time and looking ssssssssssso good!

Currently, construction crews are wiring electric throughout the building and putting up drywall. Next, the concrete floors will be refinished and the exterior windows and doors will be installed.

The collection plan, or the animals to be featured in the World of Reptiles, is based on need of conservation action, if the species contribute to public education, or can support scientific research and conservation work in the field. So far, 18 exhibits worth of animals have been acquired including seahorses, a female Siamese crocodile, Green tree monitors, Frilled dragons, Red Eye tree frogs and several species of birds.

July will be full of dramatic changes with the new crocodile exhibit. The foundation for the 850-square-foot exhibit will be poured, followed by the construction of walls, windows and interior finishes.

The first area to be completed is the Defining Moments classroom, which will function as a staging area for theming smaller exhibits.

By Summer 2018, the construction fences will come down and Zoo visitors will see a new outdoor monkey exhibit, the Beastro’s face lift and attractive exterior finishes.

Your gift is needed to make the World of Reptiles a reality! When you partner with the Virginia Zoo, you are investing in one of the most popular family-friendly destinations in Hampton Roads. Your support will allow the Zoo to remain a treasured institution serving the needs of the community and the animals that depend on us.

Corporate Sponsors and Zoo friends who support the “Defining Moments” Campaign with a donation of $1,000 or more will be invited to our Leadership Society. Your name will also be displayed in the new exhibit!

For more information about sponsorships, gifts, and naming opportunities please contact the Virginia Zoo Development Department at 757.441.2374, ext 222, or visit