More Red pandas Arrive!

Two Red pandas have arrived and are getting to know their new exhibits – and future mates!

The male and female red pandas are both 11 months old and came to the Virginia Zoo from Front Royal, the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute. Sunny, the female, was introduced to resident Thomas in the Asia – Trail of the Tiger exhibit. Thomas was born at the Virginia Zoo in 2013 and even though this is his first encounter with a female red panda, their meeting was without much excitement. However Bernadette, the Zoo’s matron panda, put on quite a show for her new mate Timmy in the Red panda exhibit off the main pathway. Bernadette arrived to the Zoo in April 2012.

“These are significant pairings that will contribute considerately to the Species Survival Plan,” said Dr. Amanda Guthrie, Virginia Zoo Veterinarian. “Red pandas are a threatened species, and as long as populations in the wild continue to decrease this will be an important endeavor.”

The breeding season for red pandas is November to January, so Zoo staff is hopefully for babies next Summer. Visitors can see both pairs on exhibit now at the Virginia Zoo.

may 2016 3 020

Bernadette meets Timmy!

may 2016 3 115

Timmy, the Virginia Zoo’s new male red panda explores his new home, located in the exhibit off the main pathway.