Red Panda Update

Red panda Bernadette gave birth to two cubs on June 25, a boy and a girl.

Over the course of the past couple weeks, Zoo Staff monitored the cubs closely. While they initially did well, the cubs began to suddenly lose weight so Zoo staff intervened. The cubs and mom were examined and it was discovered that Bernadette was unable to produce enough milk. It was found that her mammary gland development was much less than normal and she was not producing enough milk to sustain one cub, let alone two, so the decision was made to hand-rear the cubs.

“So far the cubs are both doing well, however they are still very small and have a long way to go,” says Dr. Amanda Guthrie. “These are important, endangered animals and we are going to do everything possible to ensure the health of Bernadette and her two cubs.”

Bernadette’s blood work and radiographs have all come back normal and animal care staff are keeping a close watch on her for any signs of abnormal behavior. She’ll stay in the Wellness Clinic for treatment until staff is confident that she can safely return to her exhibit in Asia – Trail of the Tiger.

Stay tuned for updates on the cubs’ health and development.