Party for the Planet Wrap Up

If you attended last weekend’s Party for the Planet- an Earth Day celebration, you know what a WILD good time it was! Party for the Planet is always themed around conservation and what you can do to help Earth and it’s most prized possessions.

Friends of Norfolk Environmental handed out plants and trees to help beautify your backyards and to boost the bee population.


Our Education Department and Volunteer Staff had conservation carts to talk about sustainable palm oil use, reducing waste and recycling, and all the ways the Virginia Zoo goes GREEN to help the environment.


This year’s vendors were an amazing display of how we can all play our part in planet conservation. From solar energy, to sustainable farming and recycled bags and crafts, there’s more than one way to help save the Earth.


Our Party for the Planet wouldn’t haven been complete without the animals! Our Animal Ambassadors, which were all from South America, were on their best behavior for our eager crowd wanting to know more all their species and how they help the Earth. Our animals on exhibit got a mix of enrichment to keep them active during the day and our guests entertained while learning about how enrichment helps to keep them healthy and happy.