No fooling – we have a new baby to celebrate!

“Blip” is the name Zoo Keepers chose for the male bongo calf born on April Fool’s Day. He is the eighth calf for mom, Betty, and seventh for dad, Bob. Keepers said his extra big ears are like a “blip on the radar”!

On Thursday the Animal Care Staff performed a basic neo-natal exam on Blip. Dr. Colleen Clabbers checked the calf’s suckle reflex, listened to his heart and lungs, took his temperature and examined his limbs and hooves – everything looked great! Blip was given a Vitamin E supplement and his blood was drawn to make sure he had adequate protein levels. By checking protein levels, Dr. Clabbers is able to tell whether he received adequate colostrum from his mom, which provides a protective immune system as they grow – just like in human babies!

Blip weighed in at 53.3 pounds! His Keepers say he’s a strong calf and is nursing well from mom. This brings the Zoo’s bongo herd to 7: adults Juni, Bob and Betty, the three born last year Charlie, Johnny and Boomer, and now Blip.

The Keepers wore masks as an extra precaution for themselves against the coronavirus as they needed to work closely together during the exam.