Nickels in the New Year

Whole Foods Market in Virginia Beach has selected The Virginia Zoo to be the recipient of their Nickels for Nonprofits community giving program for the next three months. Customers who bring their reusable bags to shop at Whole Foods Market in Virginia Beach will receive a five-cent credit per bag that they can donate to The Virginia Zoo through March 31.

By shopping at Whole Foods Market, using reusable shopping bags and donating your in-store savings to the Virginia Zoo, you are supporting an organization whose mission is to help save and protect the world’s wildlife by inspiring a passion for nature and taking conservation action at home and around the world. You are personally helping the environment by reducing the use of plastic bags.

Each day 1 million plastic bags are used worldwide and 90 percent of the trash that ends up in oceans and waterways is plastic waste, which can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. More than 100,000 animals are killed each year due to plastic consumption, most of which are marine mammals and birds.

So next time you go grocery shopping, don’t forget your favorite reusable bags (you can buy some at the Zoo’s Membership Office or Gift Shop!).

Simply start by doing your usual shopping at the Whole Foods Market location at 1800 Laskin Road in Virginia Beach. When you reach the register, just pull out your reusable shopping bags and your cashier will deduct 5 cents per bag. They will then ask if you would like to donate your credit(s) to the Virginia Zoo, and you will ultimately have the choice to donate your savings to benefit the Zoo’s animals, staff and grounds. The last day to donate is March 31.