New Giraffe Arrives at the Virginia Zoo

On Saturday, April 25 a very special delivery arrived from the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida – a two-year-old female Masai giraffe named Noelly who will become party of the breeding group. After a 30-day quarantine she will be introduced to the Zoo’s resident male Billy and other female Imara. Visitors can get an up close look at Noelly in the barn.

Masai giraffe fun facts:

  • Masai giraffes are the largest subspecies of giraffe and the tallest land mammal on Earth.
  • Males reach heights of up to 18 feet tall and females can grow to 14 feet tall.
  • Females reach maturity at 4-5 years old and bear one offspring after a 15-month gestation period.
  • The female gives birth standing up and the baby is dropped about six feet to the ground.
  • Their very long neck has the same number of vertebrae (7) as humans and most other mammals.