Joshua the Giraffe Turns 1!

Today marks Joshua’s first birthday! He was born in the early morning hours of July 23, 2015 weighing 152 pounds and standing 6.2 feet tall (read more about that here). He was the fourth calf of Imara and Billy, the Zoo’s two older adult giraffes. In his first year he met other exhibit mates including the ostriches, Ground hornbills, Yellow-backed duikers, and of course, lots and lots of excited Zoo visitors.


Giraffe calves typically wean between 12 and 14 months, so you’ll occasionally see Imara letting Joshua nurse. He’s become great friends with Noel, who is seen grooming Joshua’s mane quite often. He loves training with his keepers and seeking all the attention he can. He’s also gaining more confidence around the yard and is starting to participate in the behind-the-scenes tours. As a growing boy, Joshua has gained more than 400 pounds and has reached approximately nine feet tall.


He’s certainly been a character and continues to bring laughs to his keeper’s (and visitor’s) faces. He’ll be celebrating with popsicles and enrichment today, so make sure to wish him a Happy Birthday when you pass through Africa!