Impeckable Taste

Beatrice the Buff Orpington chicken is one of the Zoo’s Program Animal Ambassadors. During ZooLive! stage presentations and education programs, she is rewarded with mealworms, her favorite grub, for performing training exercises. Beatrice turned three years old in October, and celebrated with her very own Animeals from Chef Yohn, which included her favorite food as the main course.

Mealworms are a great natural food for birds, and hiding the bugs inside a head of romaine lettuce encourages natural behavior for Beatrice to search around to find her food. A cob of corn was also given to Beatrice as enrichment since the chickens at the Zoo seem to enjoy pecking and eating the kernels, but Beatrice exerted all of her attention to finding the mealworms.

Since this Animeals only involved lettuce and mealworms, we don’t need a recipe for this one, but you can enjoy seeing Beatrice peck away at her meal!