Happy 1st Birthday Tiger Cubs!

Happy 1st Birthday to Stubbley and Osceola!

It’s been a amazing year watching our very own Malayan tiger cubs grow up in front of our eyes. From the thrilling day(s) they were born, to their first exam, to their first day on exhibit, turning 6 months old, and all the days in between, you’ve watched them grown, learn and play.  We have loved sharing as many of these moments with you and hope you have grown to love and appreciate these cubs as much as we do. Osceola currently weighs 190 lbs, Stubbley weighs 183 lbs, they eat 7.5 pounds of meat each day, love to wrestle together, play with their enrichment boxes and happily greet their keepers every day.

Due to the impending winter weather this weekend, we’ll be rescheduling Stubbley and Osceola’s party. However, you can still wish them a very Happy Birthday on January 6th and 7th!

Come to the Zoo Saturday, January 14th to celebrate the boys and learn what you can do to help their fellow tigers around the world.

The first 100 people to attend the party will receive a FREE mini cupcake to kick off the party. Then watch the cubs smash their own birthday cake. Enjoy educational activities, enrichment, buttons and more.

Enjoy this video looking back through their first year and try not to cry too much!