With our symbolic adoption program, you can become a “Zoo Parent”  that contributes directly toward one of the Zoos’ animal’s care and feeding for one year, or to the maintenance and growth of our Zoo gardens for one year.

Contributions from Zoodoptions go directly to the Virginia Zoo Keeper Fund or Virginia Zoo Horticulture Fund. With your gift, we buy treats, toys, plants and supplies for the Zoo’s 700+ animals and 8 gardens, as well as provide specialized training for our Zoo Keepers and horticulturists. Our Zoodoption packages make perfect gifts for people of all ages!

Every animal and garden at the Virginia Zoo is available for adoption at several donation levels, starting at just $25.

For more information or questions on the Zoodoption program, call 757-441-2374, ext. 222.

Under the Internal Revenue Service regulations covering Charitable Contributions, you may deduct the amount of the Zood0ption less the fair market value of benefits received. Zoodoption Packages at the $50 and above levels include a plush animal, which has a fair market value of $10. The Virginia Zoological Society is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, federal tax ID number is 51-0253147. We recommend you consult your Tax Accountant for further clarification.