exhibits and gardens

From the towering Masai giraffe, to the tiny poison dart frog, the Virginia Zoo is home to more than 700 of our furry, feathered and scaly animal friends, not to mention countless plants as well. Our plants and animals include exotic representatives from Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and more. Come spend the day with us exploring the animal kingdom and the plants that surround it.

Africa-Okavango Delta

Venture to Africa-Okavango Delta, home to a spectacular collection of scenic landscapes and impressive creatures, big and small. Animals such as rhinos, giraffes, lions, tortoises, cheetahs and many more can be found here all year round. Be sure to travel to the Africa-Okavango Delta on your next visit at the Zoo!

Animal Wellness Campus

The AWC is a comprehensive, state-of- the-art medical and diet facility that serves the more than 500 animals that call the Zoo their home. A one-of- a-kind learning experience for adults and children, the Campus educates visitors about good nutrition, exercise, proper hygiene and animal wellness.

Asia-Trail of the Tiger

Cascading waterfalls, overlooking views of scenic exhibits, vibrant foliage and a vast array of exotic animals hailing from dozens of Asian countries are what make up Asia – Trail of the Tiger. From India to Japan, the Philippines to Russia, Malaysia to Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea to Myanmar, Asia – Trail of the Tiger is home to some of Asia’s most beautiful furry and feathered creatures. Come see your favorite red panda napping, the siamangs hanging around, the tiger cubs playing, the sun bear snacking, and so much more!

Australia Walkabout

Closed to Visitors

Take a stroll through the outback and meet some of the coolest animals from the Australian continent! Walk along the pathway through the exhibit and experience our animals from the land down under in an immersive and close up way. Watch the wallabies and their joeys spending quality time together, emus foraging for snacks among the trees and the cassowaries showing off their unique personalities!

North America

North America’s finest noble animals can be found in this area of the Zoo. Honor the United States’ new National Mammal, the bison, visit the National Bird, the Zoo’s rescued Northern bald eagle and see if you can spot the prairie dogs. Just outside of the exhibits lie dozens of oyster restoration beds and a beautiful fountain pond where wild geese and cranes can be found resting.

children play on tree stumps

Run Wild! Nature Discovery Zone

Run Wild! Nature Discovery Zone is a one-acre natural playground that stimulates the imagination and allow children to take calculated risks, which help them to build critical decision-making skills. Features include a bamboo maze, stump jump, willow tunnel, dig boxes, balance beams and a Conservation Cabin.

World of Reptiles and Friends

Temporarily Closed

World of Reptiles and Friends is the slithering, creeping, crawling and curious adventure you’ve been waiting for. Come face to face with reptile giants and primates, watch hatching and newborn reptiles and amphibians being nurtured and raised, and immerse yourself in a floor to ceiling marsh habitat of the Siamese crocodile. With more than 13,000 square feet and 65 new habitats, there’s sure to be something for everyone to see and enjoy!


Temporarily Closed

The ZooFarm has the biggest variety of animals at the Zoo. Farm animals, as well as exotic creatures from all over the world can be found here. The ZooFarm isn’t just for kids, it’s for people of all ages who love to interact with all types of cute animals! Moo with the cows, feel the fuzzy fur of a sheep or the thick hair of a pig, watch the cavies jump or the prairie dogs dig holes, check out what’s inside the rodent barn, and during the summer, brush your favorite goats in the goat yard! Be sure to be cautious, these animals love nibbling on just about anything, including fingers!

Gardens & Horticulture

Most visitors come to the Virginia Zoo with animals on their mind, but plants are the first thing they see! The horticulture at the Zoo sets the stage for guests and residents of the Zoo. We create naturalistic habitats for exotic and native animals. We design, grow and plant themed gardens, and provide fresh plant treats for animals.