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Help the Virginia Zoo gather important information about amphibians in Hampton Roads and contribute to real conservation efforts!
Are you interested in local conservation and the animals in your backyard? Then FrogWatch USA™ might be the right program for you. Come join the Virginia Zoo as we explore the outdoors to discover local amphibian species and learn about conservation issues they face and how you can help. You do not have to be a frog or toad expert to be a citizen scientist in the FrogWatch USA™ program. All you need is an interest in nature and a commitment to monitor a site through the breeding season.

Volunteers must participate and register for one training session. There is no fee to attend and you need only attend ONE of the classes. Training sessions are located in the Virginia Zoo’s World of Reptiles Classroom.

All children must accompanied by an adult.

To register for the training, please email yohn.sutton@norfolk.gov or call 757.441.2374 ext. 282.

FrogWatch USA™ is a long-term citizen science monitoring program of frogs and toads.

As a volunteer-based monitoring program, FrogWatch USA™ gives citizens across the country an opportunity to collect data and gather information to help combat the global decline of amphibians. General information about FrogWatch USA™ can be found on the Association of Zoos and Aquarium Website.