crocodile naming


The Virginia Zoo is looking to end Croctober with a snap – by naming its second female crocodile and raising funds for crocs across the world! Submit your own name idea or vote on one of the Keeper-suggested names! All entries are $1, each subsequent vote for a name is $1.

The contest begins Wednesday, October 24 at 9 am and concludes Wednesday, October 31 at Noon. The name with the most votes wins and will be announced on Halloween.

The Virginia Zoo will donate 100 percent of the naming contest proceeds to the Madras Crocodile Trust of India.


In July, the Zoo added two Siamese crocodiles to its collection in the newly opened World of Reptiles exhibit. This specific species is regarded as one of the most critically endangered crocodiles in the world and the two females will start the Zoo’s captive conservation program for the species. Shadie, the older of the two female crocodiles, was named through the Zoo’s annual Zoo To Do event earlier this year. To celebrate Croctober, a widely celebrated Zoo holiday, the second crocodile will receive a name and help raise funds for the Madras Crocodile Trust of India (www.madrascrocodilebank.org), an organization in which the Virginia Zoo is working with to bring a male Siamese crocodile to the United States, a unique process which could take up to two years.