Cinco de Duiker

A 12-pound male Yellow-backed duiker, named Hashtag (or “Tag” for short) was born on exhibit Saturday morning to mother, Dot, and father, Dash. Keepers have seen Dot nursing, cleaning and caring for her new baby and she’s doing a great job.

Yellow-baked duikers are found in forests, ranging from south-western Senegal through all West African countries. The species is listed as least concern, with a total population estimated at more than 150,000. Yellow-backed duikers are the largest of all the duikers. Both males and females have short cylindrical horns which are ribbed at the base and reddish-brown hair sits between the horns.

Dot came to the Virginia Zoo in early 2013 from the Houston Zoo and is 7 years old. Dash was at the Virginia Zoo for four years, but just recently returned to the Metro Richmond Zoo, based on a breeding recommendation from the Species Survival Plan©.

Dot and her calf are currently off exhibit to allow them time to bond, but will gradually be reintroduced to the exhibit soon. In the meantime, you can see Tag’s sister, Asterisk, on exhibit in the Africa – Okavango Delta.