Adventure for Two, Please

This year the Zoo is introducing a new kind of camp experience – one for the family! The Adventure Duo Safari Camp runs June 27 to July 1, 2016, from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Camp registration includes one child and one adult to spend a day or a whole week focusing on a different Zoo themes.

Activities are geared to families with children aged 3-6 but can be enjoyed by all ages. Throughout the day there will be games, crafts, behind-the-scenes tours, hikes, and more! This summer’s theme is ‘It’s all in the Family!’ with lots of interesting and educational opportunities that everyone will enjoy.

Monday, June 27: Hunting with the pack

For many animal packs and prides finding food is a family affair. Come learn about how some of the fiercest predators from around the world hunt together. See the world as the ultimate pack animal!

Tuesday, June 28: Dad’s in Charge

Today it’s all about dad! Come learn about amazing dads from across the animal kingdom and the important roles they play in raising their young.

Wednesday, June 29: Safety in Numbers

From herds to flocks many animals believe that sticking together is the way to go! Come to the Zoo with your own flock to learn about why animals live in groups.

Thursday, June 30: We Don’t Need Grownups

Believe it or not, some animal kids don’t need parents at all! Today we explore the world of animals that leave their young to fend for themselves and the unique ways those young survive.

Friday, July 1: Mommy and Me

Lots of animals have a mothering instinct! Come learn about the moms of the animal kingdom and the different ways they protect and care for their young.

Prices and Registration: Full week: $200/members & $280/non-members. Per day: $55/member & $80/non-member. $100 to add on an additional child for the whole week ($40 for the day). $150 to add on another adult and child ($50 for the day). Maximum adult to child ratio is 1:2.

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