AAZK Fundraisers

In August 2014, Zoo Keepers from the Virginia Zoo, along with those from the Virginia Aquarium and the Virginia Living Museum, formed a local chapter of AAZK, the American Association of Zoo Keepers.  The Tidewater Chapter of AAZK strives to promote conservation efforts both locally and on a broader international scale. The chapter currently has 16 members, and continues to grow.

The AAZK always has something going on, whether it’s a team building session, planning for an event and even hosting benefits for various animal-centric projects and campaigns.

Proceeds from AAZK’s fundraisers support conservation efforts including the Mabula Ground hornbill Project, the Tiger Conservation Campaign, the Turtle Conservation Campaign, the Vaquita Conservation, Protection and Recovery program, and so much more.

Currently, the AAZK is gearing up for several fundraisers, including this year’s Bowling for Rhinos event, scheduled for Saturday, August 19. Join us at Pinboys at the Beach from 6 to 10 pm. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Rhino Conservation. You can buy tickets online now!

Stay updated on upcoming fundraisers at your favorite eateries that support the AAZK and conservation programs! Check the Tidewater Chapter of AAZK‘s Facebook page for all of the dirt on how to donate a percentage of your meal to a conservation campaign.

Your kids can support the AAZK, too! Come to our Zoo events and you can find the chapter offering face paintings for the little ones and the kids at heart! Turn your face into a tiger or have a butterfly perfectly placed on your child’s face and support the AAZK at the same time!

Do you shop at Kroger? Register your Kroger card today so a percentage of what you spend gets donated to the AAZK. Here’s how it works:

The AAZK also comes together for weekly meetings and to put enrichment together for the animals. Read all about how the chapter used donated fire hose to make two braided browsers and a hose ball for the animals at the Zoo.

Mark your calendars for these awesome events and don’t forget to regularly check online to see what the AAZK is up to!