Tiger Cubs Turn 8 Weeks Old

The Virginia Zoo’s Malayan tiger cubs are 8 weeks old today, and are healthy and developing normally. They weighed in at 13.2 and 13.6 pounds, they also got their second kitten vaccine, which will occur again at 12 and 16 weeks.

Annie tapir and tiger cubs 429

The boys both have their deciduous, or baby set, of incisors and canine teeth. They are still teething as their premolars are coming in, so you will see them chewing on toys – just like a human baby! At around 6 months of age, their baby teeth will fall out and adult/permanent teeth will come in. How much do you think the Tooth Fairy leaves for tiger teeth!?

The cubs have become quite playful, becoming fast and agile. You’ll see them practically climbing out of the pen during feedings! They also run, jump and wrestle with each other a lot!

The veterinary and animal care staff give the cubs just three formula feedings a day, and have started implementing meat twice a day. The plan is for the cubs to be fully weaned onto meat diet at 12 weeks of age.

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