AnimealsWe Have a One Year Old on Our Hands

January 20, 2021

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2020, the Zoo’s first-ever Malayan tapir calf was born to mom Haddie and dad Rosco. Keepers gave this male cutie the name Luther after the special holiday he was born on, and Luther immediately stole the hearts of everyone! One year later, he’s lost his stripes but his personality – and appetite -continue to flourish. For a birthday treat, Sous Chef James knew exactly what he wanted to create for Luther. Using a variety of fruit juices, produce chunks and a little bit of food coloring, Chef James crafted multiple tiers for a frozen cake. Here’s what he used:

The top tier of the ice creation was simply blue food coloring and water mixed together and frozen in a short, circular bowl.

The second tier consisted of mushed bananas and julienne mango strips, also frozen to perfection.

The third tier included frozen sweet potato wedges, one of Haddie’s favorite treats.

The fourth tier of the ice cake was crafted using frozen cucumber slices.

The bottom and last tier was simply made of frozen apple juice.

All five tiers were neatly stacked on top of one another and set near a giant enrichment ball covered in peanut butter and animal-safe paint which read “Happy 1st Birthday”. Keepers also filled a puzzle feeder with one of Luther’s all-time favorite snacks, wax myrtle browse. They also decorated the area using palm fronds, and Luther enjoyed doing – whatever he was doing – with the decor!

Watch Luther and mom enjoy this special birthday Animeals below!