10 Reasons to Become a Summer Safari Camper

The first session of the Summer Safari Camp is a wrap and the Virginia Zoo is gearing up for another awesome session starting up next week! First and second graders became Zoo Detectives and solved mysteries every day, all while having fun and learning all there is to know about life at the Zoo. Kindergartners also joined in on the fun in Pounce Upon a Time camp, a half-day camp designed to intrigue their curiosity in everything there is for a kid to learn about wildlife.

So why should your child attend Summer Safari Camp at the Zoo this year? If one reason isn’t enough, here’s TEN spectacular reasons you should have a Zoo camper in your midst!


No matter the age of your child, there is a behind-the-scenes tour with a spot open just for them. Meet a tapir, roar with a lion, feed carrots to a giraffe, spend time with a 92-year-old tortoise, check out all of the program animals – including a sloth, snakes, insects and birds, and so much more!


Not only will your child see an animal behind-the-scenes in its enclosure, but they can also interact with some of the program animals! If the animal ambassador feels up to it, your child can touch a millipede, feel the prickly back of a tenrec, or run their finger down a snake or reptile’s scaly skin.


Who doesn’t love a yummy snack and a good book? We don’t skimp on the Goldfish or pretzels, and your child will enjoy listening to one of our staff members reading an interesting animal story!


Okay, so exercising doesn’t sound fun, but making sure your kid is healthy and using their energy properly is important, especially so they aren’t wild when they return home! Our form of exercising is simple: a hike around the Zoo! They’ll be on their very own private tour of the grounds where they’ll learn about all of the animals, as well as the types of habitats they’re found in.


What kid doesn’t love playing Sharks and Minnows or Kangaroo Red Rover? There will be plenty of smiles and giggles during this point of their day!


While at camp, your child will make friends with anything from a gecko to a toucan to other humans! Those who play together stay together, and we love seeing all of the youngsters playing, eating, talking and learning together!


We couldn’t forget about their creative side… From coloring to making masks, there’s a special time set in the day for your child to be free to create their own masterpiece. The best part? They get to take it home, of course!


It’s hot out there, so we let the kiddos take a refreshing splash in our splash pad in the Zoo’s plaza at the end of the week. They absolutely love running, sitting and – of course – making a splash in the fountains, and the Kugel ball is another opportunity to play in the water.


The most important part about having your child become a Zoo camper is learning. We want to fill their niche for learning about wildlife, and we don’t just mean animals. We want them to become educated on plants, the environment, animals and the importance of how our actions as humans affect our planet. When they graduate from camp, they’ll be an expert at just about anything flora and fauna related, plus more!


Parents, we know the children have only been out of school for a few weeks, and while you love your cutie pies and honey buns to death, you need that alone time! Let us help you with the daycare, and drop your doodlebug off for camp. We offer camps for a day or for the whole week, and there are different camp themes to choose from. We promise your child won’t be mad at you for going to the beach without them; they’ll be having the time of their life, too!

Having separation anxiety? We offer Adventure Duos for parent and pre-k campers to enjoy TOGETHER!

There are still several sessions with spots available, so what are you waiting for? Sign up your camper today!