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Early Birds Get the Worms

July 28, 2020   Mealworms. Worms for a meal. It’s as basic as it gets, but for many animals at the Virginia Zoo, these bugs are a delicacy and a main component of their diets. What exactly is a mealworm? It is the larval … More »

Easter Egg Hunt for the Hogs

April 6, 2020   When you think of animals and items that symbolize Easter, we can bet that you think of chicks, bunnies, baskets and egg hunts. This year the Virginia Zoo put a spin on a traditional Easter egg hunt, by incorporating a … More »

St. Schilling’s Day

March 19, 2020   March 17 is not only the world-celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, but also Schilling the emu’s 13th birthday! Schilling lives with Lester in the Australia Walkabout exhibit along with wallabies and their ratite neighbors, Southern cassowaries. Schilling and Lester look almost … More »

Rooting for Flowers

March 12, 2020   The first day of spring is in one week, but the Virginia Zoo’s Horticulture team has been preparing for spring plantings for months! Now that the weather appears to be consistently warming up, it is time to start planting for … More »


February 26, 2020   Many of the animals received special enrichment in honor of Valentine’s Day this month – from kissing booths to browse feeders, and boxes with adorable animal puns – and Chef Yohn got to work in the diet kitchen preparing various … More »

Just Browsing Around

January 31, 2020   For International Zebra Day, Chef Yohn decided to see if the Zoo’s four Hartmann’s mountain zebra would step outside of the box (pun intended) and try something new. Chef Yohn calls the dazzle of grazers “basic”, meaning they stick to … More »

Browse for the Bison

November 7, 2019   National Bison Day is an annual holiday to honor the nation’s largest land mammal, a species that has quite the history. In the 1800s, there were more than 30 million bison across the country, but less than 100 years ago, … More »

Rabbit Food

September 23, 2019   It’s International Rabbit Day and what better way to celebrate our hoppy friends than with a feast of their favorite things to munch on from Zoo Chef Yohn! Rabbits are considered herbivores, which means they only eat plants like grasses … More »

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