Scientific name: Dendrobates auratus

Found In: Central and South America/Rainforests with a permanent source of fresh water; some dart frogs live in lead litter, while other species live high in the canopy

Size: Adults average between 0.4 and 2.4 inches depending on the species

Diet: Carnivore. Diet consists of a combination of termites, beetles, centipedes, and ants.

Threat Level: Varies by species. Habitat loss, chytrid fungus, and the exotic pet trade are the major threats to dart frog populations.

Facts: The poison of a golden dart frog was used by the Choco people of Colombia to treat darts, which is where dart frogs get their name. One golden dart frog produces enough poison at once to kill 10 humans, and that poison can remain active on an object for up to a year.

Green and Black Dart Frog at the Virginia Zoo.