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EducationBack to School with the Zoo

We are wild about learning and the Zoo has programs to fit all your educational needs. More than just a field trip the Zoo offers a memorable way to explore science and nature.


DATE NIGHTEat, Prey, Love

A unique opportunity for adults to learn about animals and some of their odd eating habits in an honest and humorous forum.


From the Zoo BlogVirginia Zoo conducts local research project on salamanders

October 27, 2016 - Amphibians are the most endangered group of vertebrates, with nearly a third of all species threatened with extinction globally. Worldwide, their population decrease is largely because of infectious diseases like emerging Chytrid fungal pathogens. Southeastern states are considered a salamander … More »

Mramba, king of the Virginia Zoo (Virginia Zoo photo by Cedrick Garrett).

Up Close and PersonalBehind-the-Scenes Experiences

Did you know that you can feed a giraffe, or meet a lion, tiger or bear!? Learn more about our behind-the-scenes tours.

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Young Red panda or Shining cat, Ailurus fulgens, 7 months old, in front of white background

Animals After DarkZoo Snoozes

Bring your sleeping bags and we’ll take care of the rest: behind-the-scenes encounters with Zoo animals, nighttime activities, and even breakfast. It’s an adventure your family will never forget!