Let the Virginia Zoo help you save the world with ZOO YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! Want to make a big difference for Planet Earth in 2023? Set some New Year’s Resolutions about sustainability, conservation, and community engagement and the Virginia Zoo will help keep you on track. Zoo Year’s Resolution is a free education program for all zoo guests and how you participate is up to you!  

Here’s how it works 

Step 1: Make a Plan. Check out our website starting December 1 or chat with Virginia Zoo staff and volunteers on Saturdays in December to learn more about the Zoo Year’s Resolution program. 

Step 2: Set Your Goals. Select your goals at our Noon Year’s Eve event on December 31st (or at many other Zoo events throughout the year). The Zoo will store your selections in a database to help track your progress. You can register as an individual or as a group to challenge or collaborate with friends and family.

Step 3: Report Your Progress. At Zoo and community events throughout the year, check-in and let us know how you’re doing! Telling us about your goals will earn you 1 point. Showing us photos or videos of reaching your goals will earn you 2 points. If we think you’ve learned something new or mastered a task, we’ll give you 3 points and consider the goal met! Having trouble meeting a goal? Our staff and volunteers can give you advice and encouragement! 

Step 4: Discover the Difference. At the end of the year, points will be tallied, and top earners will earn prizes from the Zoo and community partners. Even better, we’ll share the accomplishments of all of our participants. You’ll be amazed at what a group of people can do to protect wildlife and the environment! 

Important Dates 

  • Noon Year’s Eve: Sign up kick-off! Check out our education stations to commit to your Zoo Year’s Resolutions on December 31 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. 
  • 2023 Zoo Events: Check our Events calendar for more check-in dates throughout the year! We’ll have staff ready to hear about your progress at events such as Growl Fest, Member Nights, EdZoocation Days, and more! You may even find us out and about in your community!