Scientific Name: Bucorvus leadbeateri

Found In: Southern Africa, ranging from southern Kenya and Burundi, south-west to Angola and northern Namibia, & south to Botswana and eastern South Africa

Size: Can weigh 4.8 – 13.4 pounds and have a length of up to 40 inches.

Diet: Carnivore: Diet is mainly made up of arthropods, and, especially during the dry season, snails, frogs and toads, and sometimes larger prey such as snakes, lizards, rats, hares, squirrels or tortoises.

Threat Level: Vulnerable – A major threat to the species is loss of nesting habitat due to clearance for small-scale use and agriculture.

Facts: They live in groups of 2-8 members, rarely 11, and are co-operative breeders, with the dominant pair assisted by adult and immature helpers to defend a territory.

Virginia Zoo Ground Hornbills: female Jane, male Shetani

female ground hornbill walking through grass