Zoo Tracks

The Virginia Zoo has partnered with the YMCA of South Hampton Roads to bring you “Zoo Tracks,” a new walking program that encourages members and visitors to exercise and become a ‘Zoo Walker”.

YMCA staff configured six tracks throughout the Zoo that range from 900 to 2,540 steps. Visitors to the Zoo can find the tracks at the Membership Office or on the Zoo’s app, in the interactive map. According to the YMCA staff, approximately 2,100 steps equals one mile. Each mile that a person walks burns roughly 100 calories.

The ideal steps for a person ultimately depend on the factors of: age, weight, activity level and approximately 10,000 steps in a day would be a good starting goal. Adding steps to your daily routine is a low-impact way to get in shape and lose weight. Plus, it has many health benefits including improving sleep, reducing stress, decreasing hypertension and many others.

Everyone is encouraged to make use of the Zoo Tracks program anytime they are at the Zoo. Download the Zoo App and access the Tracks every time you visit.