Zoo To Do Attire Inspiration

Swamped on what to wear to the Virginia Zoo’s biggest party of the year, Zoo To Do? The Zoo always encourages “creative cocktail” for attire, and we want you to mix it up with any animal-inspired accessories and get-ups you have in mind. This year’s theme is all about our soon-to-arrive rockin’ crocodiles, so feel free to dress in the most gripping, scaly or bright clothing you can find, and don’t forget to check out our helpful hints on the perfect party outfit for our June 2nd party date!

How do you piece together the purrfect Zoo-centric outfit? It’s easier than you might think! We’ll start with the obvious – prints. You can incorporate animal print from leopard or cheetah, zebra or giraffe, cow spots, or REPTILE scales into your belt, skirt, dress, pants, watches, shirts or shoes. Or maybe you’re more into plants? Jungle-inspired prints such as banana leaves, florals likes hibiscus flowers and vines can make a bold and unique statement.


Next up is headwear. Cat ears, insect antennae, antlers, a rhino horn, or just a fancy hat adorned with feathers or foliage, can easily transform your cocktail attire. Or try animal masks to show your wild side!


Want to stand out in the crowd? Shine bright like the Poison dart frogs with colorful accessories! Neon pink, jungle green, hazard orange and ocean blues will give your outfit a creative edge on heels, bow ties, hair wraps, suspenders, dresses and socks.


Having trouble finessing your fancy outfit? Anything animal or nature inspired is okay by us! Or just throw all these suggestions on at once because your life, just like ours, is a zoo – and we totally support that!


Need more ideas or inspiration?

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