july 10, 2018

two female crocodiles arrived to start the Zoo’s captive conservation program for the species. The large reptiles are settling into their new 1,110 square-foot exhibit and can now be seen by the public.

july 9, 2018

the crocodile pool is ready. the crocodiles are arriving this week.

june 13, 2018

the world of reptiles and friends welcomed a two-year-old female king cobra named clarice. clarice measures around nine feet long!

june 4, 2018

the world of reptiles and friends is officially open to the public! stay tuned for even more new animal arrivals, including a king cobra, new frog species, monkeys and sloths, and our new siamese crocodiles!

june 2, 2018

the world of reptiles and friends opened its doors for one night of untamed fun at this year’s zoo to do. with more than 400 guests in attendance, not even the rain could keep people away from setting sights on our 65 new exhibits!

june 1, 2018

a few last minute touches are being made.

The wall coverings have arrived and been installed. Check out the cool graphics!

Donor areas now have proper recognition.

Virginia Zoo Executive Director Greg Bockheim chips in to help install ambient string lights in the Beastro seating area.

Coming soon later this year will be a conservatory featuring sloths, birds and more! A wall has been put up to separate the construction zone from the monkey and sloth exhibits.

The donor wall signs are now up!

may 25, 2018

horticulture has started adding plants to the crocodile exhibit.

may 22, 2018

the beastro sign has arrived and been installed.

may 17, 2018

different types of wall coverings have been installed.

may 10, 2018

railings have been installed outside of the monkey exhibits. horticulture has also added plants. construction of the wall separating the beastro from the exhibits is almost finished.

April 25, 2018

window vinyls have been placed on the exterior classroom doors.

may 2, 2018

Donated by the Goode Family, presented by norfolk Mayor Alexander, the Virginia Zoo unveiled the region’s largest snake sculpture, snavely the rhinoceros viper. snavely rests under the crepe myrtles just outside of the world of reptiles and zoofarm entrance.

may 1, 2018

The building now has a sign: world of reptiles and friends!

April 28, 2018

horticulture has added climbing trees and foliage to the outdoor monkey exhibits.

April 24, 2018

The beastro roof is finished.

April 20, 2018

installation of the beastro windows is almost complete.

April 16, 2018

we have an opening date! the world of reptiles will officially open to the public on june 4, 2018!

April 6, 2018

three fiberglass animal figures now overlook the world of reptiles on the 34 foot tower.

April 5, 2018

The last pieces of exhibit glass are being installed.

April 3, 2018

The beastro has new counter tops. the walls of the large reptile exhibits have been painted. the primate holding areas have also been assembled and installed.

march 30, 2018

something big is coming near the world of reptilesss. check back to see what it could be!

march 27, 2018

new pavers are in!

march 20, 2018

new pavers are still being installed.

february 28, 2018

we’re clearing the old walkways for the new pavers to be laid around the front of the world of reptiles.

february 27, 2018

the classroom technology has arrived.

february 22, 2018

new reptiles and amphibians arrive every week. check and see who’s joining us in the new world of reptiles!

february 16, 2018

using a powered vacuum lifter, the glass in front of the crocodile exhibit was installed. each panel of glass weighed more than 1,500 pounds and it took an entire week to finish the installation.

february 9, 2018

glass is being installed in the crocodile exhibit.

february 1, 2018

the 34-foot tower was erected this morning as mesh fencing for the outdoor primate exhibits was installed.

january 31, 2018

glass walls have been installed for the new sloth and monkey exhibits.

january 30, 2018

lead reptile keeper dennis works on designing and building the rock work that will be installed in the exhibits.

january 29, 2018

new cabinets and counters have been installed in staff and keeper areas.

january 26, 2018

virginia zoo volunteers get a tour from executive director greg bockheim of the progress of the world of reptiles, including the crocodile exhibit pictured below.

january 24, 2018

the exterior of the world of reptiles is being installed.

january 19, 2018

eight red mangrove propagules, or seeds, were donated to the zoo from the florida aquarium in tampa, florida. the mangroves will be planted in the new crocodile exhibit!

january 15, 2018

The concrete floors in the building are being sanded, polished and stained.

december 22, 2017

rock is being laid in some of the smaller exhibits as well as in the crocodile exhibit.

november 28, 2017

Virginia zoo executive director greg bockheim gives zoo fans a virtual tour of the progress made in the world of reptiles for #givingtuesday. more than $2000 was donated to the zoo in 24 hours. the money will go towards the world of reptiles capital campaign.

november 9, 2017

Virginia zoo executive director greg bockheim gives zoo volunteers a tour of the progress made in the world of reptiles.

november 6, 2017

This flame-spray applied powder coating finish is resistant to UV degradation, color and gloss fading, cracking, peeling, chalking, etc. and is THE FINISHING TOUCH IN SOME OF OUR EXHIBIT SPACES.

november 3, 2017

The roof is being installed over the crocodile exhibit.


november 1, 2017

doors at the entrance and education classroom, as well as exhibit windows are installed. it’s starting to look like a building again!

september 26, 2017

renovations of the beastro restaurant are underway.

september 18, 2017

walls are up and painting in most of the building is finished. the Walls are white and the ceilings are painted black. Some led light rails have been installed to prepare for new lighting.

the crocodile exhibit has almost all of the concrete poured and set. There is still one more pour left to do.

the small mammal and bird aviary is being leveled and cleared of bamboo.

August 22

Friends and Supporters of the Virginia Zoo are invited to a hard hat tour of the World of Reptiles.

Attendees included local tourism industry leaders such as the Virginia Aquarium, The Virginia Living Museum, Virginia Beach Convention Center, Downtown Norfolk Council and others.


August 18

Crocodile exhibit is now under construction. The new underwater viewing crocodile exhibit will span 850 square feet and be the home to a male and female crocodile.


August 4, 2017

The Virginia Zoo’s latest installation is nearly completed

JULY 2017


June 23, 2017

Reptile Building is Sssssssslllithering Right Along

Even though the exterior of the soon-to-be World of Reptiles hasn’t appeared to change much, the construction of the building is on time and looking ssssssssssso good!

Read the full story here.

June 15, 2017

Rare Grey’s Monitor Lizard Arrives at Virginia Zoo for World of Reptiles Exhibit

May 9, 2017

day of giving raises more than $4,000 for monkey exhibit in World of Reptiles

On May 9, the Virginia Zoo, as well as dozens of other nonprofits in the Hampton Roads area, is participating in the fourth annual Give Local 757 Day of Giving. This year, our goal is to raise $5,000 toward upgrading the new monkey exhibit in the World of Reptiles with toys, ropes, and other play structures and enrichment.

Read the full story here.

MAY 2017


March 22, 2017

World of Reptiles Getting a Makeover at the Virginia Zoo

Click the image to see the video.

March 22, 2016

4 Things to Watch for at the Virginia Zoo’s Revamped “World of Reptiles”

Crocodiles, tarantulas and snakes, oh my!

If you’re a regular Virginia Zoo visitor who’s recently noticed the reptile exhibit is shut down, have no fear. The zoo is undertaking a $2.6 million renovation of its “World of Reptiles,” to open sometime in late 2017.

Click here for the full story.

March 2017

Staff and Volunteers are First to Receive Hard Hat Tours of World of Reptiles

January 2017

Demolition Updates

Many reptile exhibits have been taken out of the building.

The yard which was home to the duikers and screamers has had its glass barrier walls removed.

What was once the Education Classroom is now fully under construction with its flooring and walls being removed.





NOVEMBER 10, 2017