Visit the Zoo Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

Visit the Zoo Day is celebrated on December 27, enjoy this photo scavenger hunt while exploring the Zoo. Play with family and friends or make it a competition – get creative!


  1. I have eyes that follow you, and I watch over Asia with a fierce roar, they made me in dedication of two brothers. Find me, take a picture with me!
  2. We may look cuddly but don’t come inside. But, if you look at our chests you will find a crescent moon. Find us, take a picture of us/with us!
  3. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but plants are part of an ecosystem too! Our grounds are covered in them, and some even have come from out of town! So to get a good look at them all, find 3 gardens and pose with them!
  4. Here lies where the seals used to roam, now they have another zoo to call their home! Find me and take a picture with me!
  5. Back in the trails of Asian, hidden on the trail, is a little place of wonders where the tigers and orangutans dwell! It’s all made of stone, and two windows just for viewing, and sometimes the animals look back to see just what you’re doing! Find me and take a picture in me!
  6. On one side of the park there’s quiet lion, who used to spit water out from its mouth. Now you can just sit next to him and watch the plants grow from underneath. Find me and take a picture of me!
  7. Somewhere near Australia, the butterflies are all around, and so a little children playing on the grounds! In their little garden, is where they’d like to stay, but these little animals must go home at the end of the day. Find the children’s garden and take a picture with it!
  8. We are made of bronze, what more do you need to know, we are a turtle, elephant and rhino! Find us all and take a picture of each!
  9. I don’t know why we are called bald when we have feathers on our heads, but no matter find us and take a picture of us and salute while you’re at it. Take a picture of yourself saluting these animals!
  10. Quack! Here I am, somewhere not built for me! But I don’t care, there’s water here and that’s good enough you see. Take a picture of a duck trespassing in an exhibit!


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